Artificial Intelligence

August 28, 2017

The ultimate goal of man, to build machines as smart as humans, giving them the ability to learn, think and act according to the situation. Scientists predict between 20-1000 years in order to accomplish this goal. The human brain uses two basic phenomena to operate, pattern recognition and common sense, to us what seems obvious is due to our experience. Although a machine can see and hear better than humans, it does not understand what it is seeing/hearing. A machine is generally considered to be dumb without any human input. The goal of artificial intelligence is to change that, to give the ability to a machine a solve problems based on knowledge, logical thinking, planning and reasoning.


In his book, ‘Physics of the future’ Professor Michio Kaku talks about the future of artificial intelligence. He believes that before 2030 we will find ourselves in a smart world, where we can walk up to our walls and talk to a robot present. This robot will hold immense importance in our day to day activities, e.g. it can be used to recommend holiday destinations, find and book the best available hotels. Soon the usage of intelligent robots will increase in the health industry. When we may find it difficult or time consuming to visit a doctor it will be much easier to walk up to our walls and talk to the robot. The robot will have the ability to ask a series of questions each one prompted on the basis of the reply of the previous question and will also be able to diagnose common diseases reducing the need for doctors. A similar robot nurse already exists more commonly referred to as the RP-6 mobile robot.  


A notable advancement in the field of artificial intelligence is Honda’s ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), 4 feet and 3 inches tall weighing 119 pounds, in complete human-like attire. It has the ability to wander around rooms, respond to simple commands, recognize faces and speak in several different languages. However  again the major problem associated with ASIMO to which its makers agree is that the only functions it is able to perform is what humans have programmed it to do, and is incapable of thinking independently.


 Films like "The Terminator" and "The Matrix" are entirely built upon the belief that artificial intelligence machines will be the destruction of mankind


For decades the film industry has predicted the end of the human race due to artificial intelligence and machine learning, when the machine is fully independent and turns on its creator. Recently we saw a small trailer of that predication becoming a reality when Facebook’s intelligent bot started speaking a language which humans could not understand forcing the company to shut down its artificial intelligence engine. This made critics question whether machine learning was really worth it if there was even the slightest of chance that the machine had the ability of rising up against the human race.


Scientists predict that by mid-century our world will be full of robots and we may even fail to recognize them as they will be disguised in the shape of animals or objects with the objective of performing vital tasks and will be capable of changing their shape according to the assigned task. What’s impressive about artificial intelligence is that its aim is not just to replicate the human brain but to create robots with a consciousness and emotions as well (a complete human-like robot). While we still wait for a major breakthrough this field, the future surely lies in the hands of artificial intelligence.    


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