Global Warming

August 28, 2017

In the past several years we have trapped ourselves in a problem and have now fallen prey to its consequences. Experts rate global warming as possibly the greatest problem Earth is currently facing. Global warming or climate change is the increase the temperature due to greenhouse gasses and pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, CFCs etc. For several years scientists warned us of the possibility of drastic consequences to our actions, a warning we ignored and now pay the price for it. Even today they predict the acceleration in the average annual increase in temperature. Today, the international community has shifted much of its attention towards solving this crisis, however in order to do so we must make several alterations in our lifestyles. Before that it is essential that we must understand the severity of the problem the reasons behind its emerging.




Although there are several natural causes which result in global warming such as the emission of harmful rays, the nitrogen cycle and many more, the human contributions alone are immense. A recent study showed the approximately two-thirds of the factors contributing towards global warming are due to humans. These include the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, pollution, gases released by vehicles/factories and the release of aerosols and soot due to human-made pollutants. Once these gases are released in the atmosphere they trap the heat, preventing it from escaping the surface of the Earth and causing the temperature to rise.


Climate change has drastic consequences for which Earth is suffering such as extreme temperatures causing the climate to become warmer. This contributes to both an increase and decrease in rainfall which eventually leads to either a drought or extreme flooding. Global warming is causing a rise in sea level, endangering several species (experts predict that some species for whom the climate will be unsuitable may, possible become extinct with time) and the reduction in the diversity of ecological systems. An increase in temperature has caused a rise in ocean acidity thus endangering marine life.  Allergies, asthma and other infectious disease outbreaks are expected to become more common as well. These are just some of the various short-term effects of global warming, the long term effects are even more severe.     


Knowing that we are the root cause of the problem it is our duty to be the solution, some simple solutions are taught to us from childhood in school most of which we tend to ignore. Increasing the use of public transport, reusing, recycling, conserving energy are all simple solutions we must apply in our daily lives. Installing catalytic converters in cars, smoking in specific zones, reducing air pollution will all help reduce this crisis. Even installing energy efficient bulbs and reducing the usage of hot water will serve as a solution. The purpose of this is to show how the solutions to one of the world’s biggest problems lies in our hands, these solutions are simple, effective and can easily be used in our daily lives.  


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