Noetic Science

August 28, 2017

The word noetic means inner or related to mental activity, and the word science means acquiring knowledge via experimental observation. Put together, Noetic science, a branch of metaphysics, states that human thought can intervene with matter and cause physical beings to change.


The term ‘noetic science’ as first used in 1973 when the ‘Institute of Noetic sciences’ was found by Edgar Mitchell, who’s an astronaut by profession, and became the sixth person to walk the moon. However, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato used it before 348 BC to refer to illuminated revelations that possessed physical authority.





Noetic science implies that, the reality of the universe is more subtle, complex and mysterious than conventional science depicts. It states that, one’s inner self and conscience can expand the reality of the universe due to the interconnectedness of the individual and the outside world. This thought process inspired Edgar Mitchell to launch the field of Noetic science, and begin formal research on this branch of metaphysics.


Simply put, noetic science states that consciousness matters. The doctrines states that, merely knowing the world around you and shaping your own perception can help connect your mind to your surroundings. The noetic sciences apply a scientific lens to the study of the influence of consciousness and abstract thought on the physical universe.


The ‘Institute of Noetic sciences’ continues to work on who we are and how each one of us possesses supernatural qualities. This field of science is a constant reason of curiosity and speculation, and it is a topic of discussion in Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ in which, the protagonist is a noetic scientist.


In his book, Brown gives an insight on how crucial the profusion of this field of science can be. He is of the opinion that, in the wrong hands, this science can cause major destruction. The noetic theories contradict the ideas planted by the Catholic Church, and would result in great displeasure from the church. Noetic science also creates a path to the ‘Ancient secrets’ which are known to be guarded by the Freemason brotherhood, and the dissemination of this knowledge can revolutionize human thinking and how we perceive the world

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