Parallel worlds

October 2, 2017

Scientists have spent a lot of time trying to discover the root cause behind the inflation which led to the creation of our universe. A question similar to this which generally goes ignored is that has that inflation process terminated or not? Since we are still far from reaching at a point where there is a universal consensus that this process has terminated, there is a possibility that this inflation gave birth to other universes. According to this theory a new universe may inflate out of an already present one thus creating a sea of universes or what is more commonly referred to as the multiverse. Perhaps our universe is the result of inflation from another universe!


An artist's concept of the parallel universes co-existing at the same time

What intrigues the human brain is what these parallel universes would look like, whether they would be identical to ours or not. We often wonder if there were other universes would they live in the same timeframe as we do or in the past or maybe the future, do they have the same set of physical laws as we do, the events which take place in our universe are the similar to those which take place in those or is history different? All these questions make one more eager to know the reality behind the possibility of parallel worlds, unfortunately at this time scientists consider proving the existence or travelling to another dimension an impossibility. The two known ways are to travel faster than light or to pass through a black hole, since both mechanisms to travelling to a parallel dimension are considered impossible, we have no way of knowing anything for sure.


The idea of parallel worlds is not one which recently emerged rather has been present for a long time.  Due to the attractive nature of the topic the film industry has captured several movies which commenced in 1946 with ‘It’s a wonderful Life’ and still continue in the form of movies and television shows.


To fully understand the idea of parallel worlds one must start by understanding how a universe is created, Einstein’s equations, the quantum theory and the M theory. Einstein’s theory predicts the possibility of multiple universes, the quantum theory proposes a mechanism to travelling between these dimensions and finally the M theory answers all questions about parallel worlds and time theory. However all these theories are yet to be proved, so till then the possibility of parallel worlds remains an intriguing mystery.        

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