Autism in society

October 28, 2017

Our society often seems to dismiss introverted people as 'lame' or 'dumb'. They find a person’s lack of social skills most likely to be associated with an inability to use their mind, to think like the majority of people. Amongst us, there are a certain set of individuals that tend to skip our midst unknowingly. People that dissolve into society quietly. We find them to be abnormal and thus we don't tend to associate ourselves with them, because 'different' seems to scare us more than it seems to interest us. They talk weirdly or they act weirdly and apparently society can't accept that difference. Little do they know that their plight comes from their birth.

1 in 68 children are autistic and most of the society fails to truly accept and help them


ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a syndrome found in 1 out of 68 people. When we hear 'Autistic', most of us tend to think 'stupid' but people affected by this disorder actually tend to have a higher IQ than most of us. Studies show that 46% of ASD patients have an above-average intelligence. For those of you who don't know, ASD is actually a range of syndromes which show different characteristics, such as different levels of disabilities and skills. However all ASD diseases include many common symptoms that affect an individuals ability to socialize and repetitive behavior. They tend to be obsessed with moving objects and have an intense focus in certain topics such as numbers and details. They are used to a certain routine and get abnormally upset when anything interrupts that routine. Their lack in social skills affect their ability to make eye-contact and knowing how to make small-talk. On the other hand, when they do manage to start a conversation they do not realize when someone's interest in the topic has ceased.


Bearing all the symptoms in mind, a fact to be noted is that many prominent writers and mathematicians were patients of Autism. Their inability to express themselves vocally did not stop them from expressing their thoughts on paper. Their imagination and thinking capacity is usually incredible, helping them excel in select topics such as art and mathematics. While their intense focus on their interests can be an obstacle in life, it can also be what drives them to prosper in those same interests. Most autism patients have a tendency to be fast learners, and their syndrome allows them to remember small details for long periods of time.


However we haven't been paying attention to these individuals. They are usually rejected by us, not only associates, but teachers as well. In severe cases, even the parents fall into the clutches of society and consider their child to be hopeless. The characteristics of ASD tend to cause discomfort to most people, like repetition of certain phrases and weird body language, thus they do not try to socialize with the patient either. Children and adolescents face difficulties such as bullying. ASD is most easily diagnosed in an early age as their behavior can easily be differentiated from others. As they grow, they learn to blend in with society and their symptoms can be overlapped by other related diseases.

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