Has the rise of Technology eliminated the need for expertise?

December 17, 2017

The ever increasing introduction of robots has significantly decreased the amount of thinking humans apply to their daily lives and has hence sought the question whether this has eliminated the need for expertise


The meteoric rise of technology, in general, and the Internet, in particular, has allowed to gain access to widespread information. The Internet is a central part of our daily lives and a major source of knowledge. The Internet has eliminated the need for printed encyclopedias and dictionaries, and it has reduced our reliance on expertise, especially for minor issues.


There is no doubt that the Internet has placed huge amounts of information, once contained in specialized books and encyclopedias, at our fingertips. It has increased the awareness of the common man regarding most widespread issues. One can easily diagnose a minor medical problem by identifying his or her symptoms, online. In addition, a huge number of tutorials are available online which have eliminated the need to consult specialists all the time. This has brought great convenience to the masses as one can easily find solutions to many problems, while sitting at home.


It is true, to a certain extent, that the value of expertise is decreasing owing largely to the fact that information once held only by specialists is now freely available online. However, it is wrong to suggest that expertise today is unimportant. Years of experience cannot be replaced by computer programs and the Internet, completely. Lawyers and doctors are still as valuable as ever. It is wrong to suggest that a person without any knowledge of a particular field can replace a specialist. Only specialist doctors can correctly diagnose complex medical cases, and then provide the appropriate treatment. Similarly, AI robots hoping to replace lawyers in the near future are not in any way fit or capable of being true lawyers like humans. The oaths they would take would be utterly meaningless, and merely be programmed into them. They will never be able to truly contemplate the innocence of their clients, the motives of their crimes and the human factor in them. Although thousands of lectures related to math and science are available online, the value of teachers has not decreased. Internet is a valuable resource, but not a replacement for professional teachers.


There is no doubt that we have advanced unimaginably over the past few decades. However, we are still far away from the time when Artificial Intelligence will replace Human Intelligence and, thus, eliminate the need for expertise. The Internet is a disruptive technology that has, indeed, reduced the value of specialists in certain fields but, generally, expertise, continues to prevail.



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